The right jewellery suited to your personality and style goes a long way in making a statement! But the options are infinite with new styles, trends, designs in the market everyday. Our job is to ensure that you are on point and trending, so here are a few tips on choosing the right jewellery and how to take care of it.


Understanding Gold purity

Gold purity is measured by the term Karat (kt). Pure Gold is 24Kt which is almost as pure as the mined metal. But gold in its purest form cannot be used for setting of gemstones or diamonds so we need to mix alloys such as zinc, silver, copper etc. to make it strong enough to hold shape and the diamonds. When gold is mixed in parts with these alloys, we arrive at other purities such as 18kt and 14kt gold in which diamonds are set with durability. 18K consists of 75% of pure gold and 14K consists of approximately 60% of pure gold. Since the gold component in the metal mix reduces, usually 18kt is less expensive than 24kt and 22kt and 14kt is less expensive than 18kt. So when you want to stick to a budget, you can always consider buying diamond jewellery in 14kt gold. In the case of platinum, the purest form of platinum that can be used for jewellery is 95%, which is marked with the purity hallmark of Pt 950.

All DIVAA jewellery are BIS Hallmarked for gold purity and Pt 950 in the case of platinum so you know what you are paying for.


Once you have the basics of understanding gold purity and how to choose a diamond (Diamond Buying Guide), here comes the tough part- what should you buy when there are so many options to choose from?



DIVAA recommends you first start with fixing a budget for the jewellery you have in mind. You can always work out combinations in terms of gold purity, diamond carat, colour & clarity of the diamond. Though at DIVAA, you never have to settle for less than a minimum VS clarity and G-H color.


Metal colour-  

Choosing the metal colour is your personal choice. We get the different colours of gold when we mix different alloys to pure gold. The colour has no effect on the purity of the gold. Jewellery crafted in 18Kt gold is exactly the same purity in white, rose or yellow gold.



Know everything about diamonds in one-go!

DIVAA Diamond buying guide


Type of jewellery-

Earrings- Dazzling diamond earrings can bring out the inner Diva in you. Earrings are a wardrobe must – have, whether your style is casual everyday wear or fashionable party-wear or elegant statement pieces.

DIVAA has a range of designs ranging from hoops & huggies, classic solitaires, studs, danglers to fashionable front-back earrings and modern kudas.


Rings- Whether you are dressing up for a party, looking for an engagement ring or just looking for some bling for your everyday look, a diamond ring can easily turn any simple outfit into an instant fashion statement.

DIVAA has exquisite ring designs such as classic solitaire rings, minimalistic everyday rings, trendy cocktail rings, stunning fashion rings for parties, dazzling proposal rings for the perfect proposal and affordable rings for gifting.


Pendants- Sometimes the only thing you need is a gorgeous diamond pendant to make heads turn. Elegant, traditional, trendy or stylish, whatever your choice for everyday jewellery or work wear or partiers, DIVAA has it all, including lovely pendants which can be just the perfect gift!

DIVAA has pendants for all occasions and styles- classic solitaires, minimalistic designs, Alphabet pendants, zodiac pendants, flower pendants, romantic heart pendants and unique party wear pendants.


Bangles & bracelets- There is nothing more elegant than a dainty diamond bracelet or bangle adorning a woman’s hand. The versatility of the diamond bracelet or bangle will allow you to wear these stunning pieces whether you are wearing the traditional & flattering sari, the jaw-dropping LBD or the attention-commanding business suit.

DIVAA has designs ranging from dainty charm bracelets, eternity bangles, tennis bracelets, adjustable bracelets to flexible bangles.


Necklaces- Sometimes, you need to make a statement with a necklace but not too loud a statement. For that dinner party or visit to relatives or your best friend’s cocktail party, you need that subtle yet stunning necklace that complements your look.

DIVAA has elegant necklites, flower necklaces and yes the more blingy solitaires too!

It isn’t enough to just know how to choose your jewellery, what is more important is to make that lovely piece looks as lovely over time. Here are a few tips to make the dazzle of your jewellery last forever:

  1. Be gentle with your jewellery. They are made with love and need a little TLC to dazzle. Impact of any sort like dropping the jewellery, hitting it (albeit by mistake) against a surface, weakens the setting. Try as much as possible to not touch the diamond directly as the oil on our skin settles on the surface. For e.g. hold a ring by its circular band (mount).
  2. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance but even they can face damage and scratches if handled improperly. Exposure to chemicals in perfumes, lotions, sunscreens, soap, detergents, shampoo, pool water etc. dull your diamond and the metal. And obviously, do not wear your precious jewellery while working out with heavy equipment!
  3. Store your diamond jewellery with care. DIVAA recommends that you keep your diamond jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth in a box. Each piece of jewellery should be kept separately as diamonds can scratch and tarnish not just metal but also other diamonds.
  4. Clean your diamond jewellery by immersing it in warm water, gentle liquid soap and a very soft brush. Do not brush or clean it vigorously. Remember to rinse the jewellery in clean water to get rid of soap from the piece and pat it dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Most importantly, do visit DIVAA with your DIVAA jewellery to get it cleaned professionally. This is a service we offer for lifetime for all DIVAA jewellery.